Puttanesca 450g


Believe it not , Puttanesca does not mean ‘Very Few Ingredients’ as Lemony Snickett led us to believe – It in actual fact translates as, um… ‘Whore’.
So my Daughter informs me, it was most likely named this, as the women in the Bordellos would cook this easy to throw together dish and put it in their window to lure their customers in with the delicious smell. She even informed me of her favourite quote in describing this dish: “It’s Fast, Easy and can be Spicy if you want it to be!” (Rachael Ray)

A tomato and garlic based sauce. Our Puttanesca uses black olives and capers in it’s recipe, like the Neapolitan recipe. Add Anchovies to make the Lazio version – You can also add Chilli Pepper.